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Soft & Hard Biscuit Production Line

Capacity Ranges From 150kg/hr ~3000kg/hr;
Working Width 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm;
Oven Length Depends On Capacity And User's Factory Length And Width.
  • HJ600/HJ1000/HJ1200/HJ1500

1. Product Configuration:

1) Main AC motors and gear box by SEW / SIEMENS.

2) Industrial bearings by NSK.

3) Cylinders by YSC.

4) Electrical units by Schneider / SIEMENS. 

5) Guarantee period of 12 months

6) After sale service: life time 

2. A whole line consist of:

1)Dough mixer: horizontal mixer 150kg/250kg/350kg; vertical mixer 500L

2)Automatic dough tilting and feeding system with different angle locking device

3)Three-roll combination sheeter for sheeting dough

4)Gauge rolls X 3 sets

5)Rotary cutting machine for hard biscuit forming

6)Scrap collection and return system

7)Rotary moulder for soft biscuit forming

8)Tunnel oven: convection oven; directly gas heating oven; cyclotherm oven; hybrid oven, electric oven

9)Turning machine 180degree or 90degree turnning conveyor / select according to user workshop size

10)Cooling conveyor

11)Star wheel stacker or penny stacker

12)Packaging Table



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