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The Directly Gas (DGF) Oven –Directly Heating

DGF oven can burn nature gas or LGP,The gas burners are placed inside the oven room over and under the baking band. The flame from the gas burners heats up the baking room. The burners operate at a zero gas pressure system. In each zone a blower sends a speed – controlled airflow through the injectors of each burner. In this way the correct amount of gas is drawn to the burners securing the correct temperature. Each burner can be selected from the control panel and turned on/off to achieve the correct settings in each zone for every product. A flame detection safety system ensures that there is no gas in the burner without a all directly fired ovens the air extraction system plays an important role in controlling not only the humidity but also the temperature across the oven band. In the DGF oven there are suction canals across the top of the oven chamber for extraction of humidity air.


1.The gas pipes of the oven are processed according to strict procedures, and each gas pipe is tested by air pressure after processing to ensure that it does not leak; 2. A combustible gas alarm is installed at the gas pipeline in each temperature zone. If there is a gas leak in the gas pipeline, the combustible gas alarm can immediately detect and alarm, and the on-site maintenance personnel can take immediate measures to eliminate safety hazards; 3. Each temperature zone is equipped with a safety blasting port, if the furnace pressure is too high, it will automatically open to release the pressure; 4. Program startup and operation. Before the equipment starts (ignition), the forced exhaust fan will be started to empty the remaining gas in the furnace to ensure safety (if the forced exhaust fan fails, a fault alarm will be displayed and the equipment cannot be started ); 5. Each fire stick is equipped with a solenoid valve, and the ignition needle starts ignition. The induction needle detects whether the fire stick has been ignited successfully. If the induction needle detects that the fire stick has not ignited successfully, the alarm light will alarm, and the solenoid valve will automatically close the gas to the fire stick to prevent gas from overflowing;

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