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Use a Rotary cutter to help shape cookies

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Use a Rotary cutter to help shape cookies

A rotary cutter is developed based on the advantages of a punching biscuit machine and a roll printing biscuit machine, which is widely used to process different kinds of biscuits such as combing, toughness, crispness, etc. Rotary cutter has high speed, high efficiency, low vibration, and low noise. It can help with the hard biscuit-forming section.

Here is the content list:

  • Some of the problems that occur during the production of cookies

  • Some parameters of the Rotary cutter we sell

Some of the problems that occur during the production of cookies

The reasons for cookie blistering may be:

1. The temperature of the front area of the oven is too high, especially if the surface fire temperature is too high, then the oven temperature should be controlled not to be very high at the beginning, and the surface fire temperature should be gradually increased;

2. The elasticity of the dough is too large when baking gluten-blocked gas channels, and not easy to disperse so the surface blisters, then the elasticity of the dough should be reduced, and use a mold with more pins, Rotary cutter can be a good solution to this problem;

3. If puffing agent lumps are not opened, then attention should be paid to the lump of puffing agent crushed before use; cookies do not color the cause may be too little sugar in the recipe, then need to increase the amount of conversion sugar or sugar. Cookies are still soft after cooling, not crisp may be caused by: too high oven temperature, short baking time, resulting in skin scorched raw, or too much internal residual moisture, then the thickness of the cookie should be controlled, and the appropriate lower the oven temperature, increase the baking time so that the finished cookie water content ≤ 6;

Cookie fragile may be caused by:

(1) Excessive expansion of the cookie, too loose, then the amount of bulking agent should be reduced;

(2) Ingredients is the starch too much starch and cookie crumbs in the ingredients, the dosage should be reduced appropriately.

Cracks in cookies may be caused by:

(1) Cookies out of the oven due to cooling too fast, strong heat exchange, and moisture evaporation, so the internal cracking of the cookie additional stress, in general, the winter temperature is low and dry, cookies are prone to cracking, especially the low sugar cookies are more common. In this case, we should avoid cooling too fast;

(2) It is related to the amount of gluten formation, the amount of water added, the proportion of certain raw and auxiliary ingredients in the formula, the baking temperature, the shape of the cookie, the direction of the pattern, the thickness, the cross of the curve and the layout of the pattern. In this case, for the specific reasons for cracking, measures such as improving the recipe, selecting the oven temperature, designing the cookie mold, and using a Rotary cutter are taken.

Some parameters of the Rotary cutter we sell

1. Mold diameter: Ø260, roll body is made of 45 high-quality carbon steel, hard chromium plating treatment, high-efficiency anti-rust, roll body length 1030mm

2. Diameter of rubber roller: Ø300, the thickness of plastic coating: 20mm, non-toxic and oil resistant material, hardness: A60.

3. Working width: 1200mm

4. Rotary cutter size: 950X2270X1350 Weight: 2.3t

5、Side plate is made of Q235 carbon steel, the thickness is 28mm after processing, the surface is hard chrome plated, surface hardness is HRC58-62

6. Conveyor plate is made of Q235 carbon steel, with a thickness of 15mm after processing, surface hard chrome plated, hardness HRC58-62

7. The tray is made of 304 stainless steel.

8. Rotary cutter mold and conveyor belt are controlled by an independent motor and are easy to adjust.

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