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Automatic Forming Maker Two Color Depositor and Wire Cutting Cookie Machine

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Product Description
Two color cookie machine is COMBO WIRE CUT AND DEPOSITOR function in one machine: BRIEF :   This new developed machine has combine both wire-cut cookie and depositor cookie machine function. Only need to change mould can achieve making two types of cookies. Thus multi-types cookies can be made by one machine.  
biscuit cookie production lines FEATURE:
PLC system to control production, easy to operate.   It is capable to make both wire-cut and depositor cookies, only need to change mould and dismantle mechanical cutting arm.   Depositor mould is driven by a servo motor separately. Synchro-belt for conveying. Makes cookie forming precisely.     Depositor mould is assembled with compression. Easy to replace. Wire-cut mould and depositor mould are fastened by clamp. Only need to rotate handwheel can achieve easy replacement. Hopper is made of aluminium alloy. Easy to dismantle, clean and tidy. Grooved roller for dough feeding. Gear pump to crush dough. Each of them is driven by a single servo motor. Removable cover, pneumatic support, protective switch. A servo motor to drive cam gear to achieve cutting arm up&down and back&forth movement. Precise controlling.     Left & right movement is driven by a servo motor through ball screw.     Working height of steel band is adjusted by handwheel. So that it will be easy to adjust gap between mould and steel band.   No dusty-corner design, easy to clean. Emergency stop button and some other safety devices.  

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