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Flour silo system - helping you automate your production

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Flour silo system - helping you automate your production

In the pastry food, cookies with good taste, and variety. The packaging is exquisite and has been favored by consumers. With the great abundance of various food products in the market, fierce competition also comes along with it. This is not only the competition for product quality, but also the competition for marketing strategy, but in the end, is the competition for product quality. Whether it is tough cookies or crisp cookies, the gluten quality of the flour should not be too high. Low-gluten cookie flour should be used. Our Flour silo systems can help your produce delicious cookies

Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of the Flour silo system

  • Parameters of our tilting machine

  • The basic process used by the Flour silo system

Advantages of the Flour silo system

1. Bulk flour is directly transported from the bulk flour warehouse to the powder warehouse of food processing enterprises through tanker trucks to avoid secondary moving and dumping pollution and reduce food safety hazards using bulk flour can reduce workers' labor intensity, packaging costs, and losses, and two people can finish changing the screen.

2.Flour silo systems can use online airflow sieving technology to realize the sieving of materials in the pipeline conveying process. Effectively remove the lumps, impurities, insects, etc. from raw materials and auxiliary materials.

3. Using quantitative conveying, metering, and control technology, the  Flour silo system realizes multi-point feeding, multi-point quantitative conveying, unloading, and metering automatic integrated conveying and metering system, and the material runs in the pipeline through a pneumatic conveying cycle, which can realize continuous and clean production.

Parameters of our tilting machine

1. Tilting volume: 1000kgs/time

2. Power drove, tilting angle ≥ 120° with locking device to achieve dough feeding and tilting

3. Use 750kg or more mixing drum.

4. Chain Transmission

5. Dimension.

6. Power: 3KW Weight: 2.5T

7. Chrome-plated sideboard

8. 304# stainless steel cover plate

9. European brand motor and speed reducer

10. emergency stop switch and limit switch

11. the good row of wire and aluminum wire housing (with production line)

12. French brand control instruments to ensure dough feeding and tilting

13. Japan brand bearings

The basic process used by the Flour silo system

The basic process is as follows; raw and auxiliary materials pretreatment dough modulation rolling molding baking cooling finishing a packaging. In the process, the raw and auxiliary materials pretreatment is very critical, the selection of materials must be good, add the right amount of food additives - anti-nitrogenating agents, flavoring agents, relaxing agents, etc. is also very critical. A flour silo systemis a system that can realize automatic material dosage and ingredient requirements, which can reduce human participation and make the measuring and dosage completely automatic, greatly changing the working environment and improving the production capacity. The flour silo system is suitable for various production lines, such as cake production lines, biscuit, and cookie production lines, potato chip production lines, bread production lines, etc.

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