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Fully Automatic Industrial Cracker Hard and Soft Biscuit Production Line

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It can be customize according the customer requires.

To make a various of tasty biscuits, you can equip your production line with salt & sugar sprinkler, egg sprayer, egg painter, printing machine etc. And oven can bake raw biscuit pieces into delicious food. You can choose different types of ovens to bake different biscuits.

A whole line consists of:

1.Horizontal dough mixer 150-750kg/batch;500kg Vertical dough mixer
2.Tilting machine
3.Auto dough feeding system
4.Metal detector
5.Laminator/overlapping machine
6.Gauge rollers(standard line includes 3 sets)
7.Dough relaxing machine
8.Rotary cutter
9.Separating machine
10.Scrap return system
11.Rotary moulder
12.Sugar sprinkler
13.Enter oven machine
14.Oven drive and belt tension system
15.Oven(Gas,electric and diesel oven can be provided)
Length is depends on the capacity(capacity option:150-3000kg/h)
16.Out-oven machine
17.Oil sprayer
18.180 degree plane turning conveyor
19.Cooling conveyor
20.Star wheel stacker
21.Packing table

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