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Industrial Salt Sugar Sprinkler Sprinkling Machine for Sale

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Product Description
new products salt and suger sprinkler: The belt type sugar and salt sprinkler is through the conveyor belt to drive out the salt, sugar, sesame other material in the hopper,the powder scattered shaft after sifted to biscuit above. Sprinkling amount and conveyor speed are adjustable , appropriate adjustment the biscuits conveying speed of sprinkling quantity . It can sprink materials uniformly, and this device is easy to operate , a wide range of applications , the biscuit ingredients spreading the preferred equipment . Salt , sugar , spices , improve biscuits taste . Spreader with environmental protection, high efficiency and other advantages.
Power Request:
Power:380V Rate:50HZ
PU conveyor belt:
Imported from Germany
Motor and reducer:
Control apparatus:
Application And Feature(1) Application:Belt type sugar and salt sprinkler is an auxiliary production equipment of biscuit production line ,whose role is evenly sprinkle a layer of salt.sugar and other spices on the surface of the biscuit to improve its taste. (2) Feature: Ø It spreads sugar .salt and sesame on the surface of the biscuit evenly before it access into the oven to make the biscuit more character and flavor, it’s the optimized equipment for manufacture to add the biscuit variety,the machine is equiped with recycling clout device. Ø The number of sprinkle quantity is according to the speed of conveyer belt ,and the quantity,the speed can be adjusted. This equipment spreads evenly, is easy to operate, and has a wide range of applications. It is the first choice for biscuits to spread salt sugar.

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