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SINOBAKE New Technology Cookies Decorating Automatic Smart Cookie Machine

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SINOBAKE New Technology Cookies Decorating Automatic Smart Cookie Machine

In addition to soft biscuit,soda biscuit,crackers, there is an important type of biscuit product is cookies. The cookies can be classified as wire cut cookies,depositor cookies,two-color cookies,tricolor cookies etc., with different equipment can increase the diversity of products and improve product taste.
1.Fully servo motors controlled 2.Easy to operate with touch screen 3.Easy to clean and discharge for all dough flow channel mold components 4.Gear pump control the each cookie weight accurately 5.One machine can make single color,dual colors and three colors cookies.
1.Vertical dough mixer(300L)
2.Tilting Machine
3.Auto dough feeding system
4.Cookie machine--one color cookie machine,two colors cookie machine,three colors cookie machine
5.Electric oven(gas,diesel ovens are available. The length depends on the capacity you need)
6.Out oven machine
7.Cooling conveyor
8.Penny stacker
9.Packing table
Enter oven machine,sugar&salt sprinkler, are suggested to added, if your space is available.
The following description of each machine are based on standard one:
Dough mixer
It is for mixing soft biscuit and cookie dough, which contains more oil &fat.
300L/time, Three vertical blades
Tilting machine
Tilting machine is used to pour the dough from trolley into the hopper of the dough feeding system. We have 500kgs/time and 1000kgs/time for your choice.
We can also provide Hydraulic tilting machine.
Auto dough feeding system
Auto Dough feeding system is used for breaking the dough into small pieces and sending them to the cookie machine.
Cookie Machine
One color,two colors and three colors cookie machine can be provided. And we have wire cut cookie machine,blade cutting cookie machine,depositor machine, extruded cookie machine, en-crusted cookie machine.
Enter oven machine
Enter Oven Machine is used to send the formed biscuits into the oven, recycling the sugar, salt or reject biscuits.
Oven drive and tension system
mainly provide motive power to oven belt,drive the mesh belt,the mesh belt can be tensioned manually, pneumatic offset adjustment,the belt has brush cleaning device.
For the steel band oven, the oil device is suggested.
Tunnel oven
It is the baking equipment of the biscuit line,baking biscuit by indirect thermal radiation, making biscuit with fine color and flavour.  For soft biscuits and cookies, convection oven is suggested. The oven heating source can be gas, electricity, diesel.
Out oven machine
it is used for conveying baked biscuit out of oven smoothly.
Cooling part
After out oven machine, 180 degree plane turning conveyor or 90 degree plane turning conveyor,cooling conveyor,stacker,packing table are needed.
1. Q235 carbon steel sideboard, thickness of 28mm.
2. chromed surface, hardness of HRC58-62
3. frame board of Q235 carton steel, thickness of 15mm,
4. chromed surface, hardness of HRC58-62
5. Supporting plate of SUS304.
6. 1.5mm SUS304 cover          
7. SEW motor and speed reducer, frequency control of speed.
8. Digital display of speed and space
9. No cornerns for cleaning, safe and healthy.
10. Emergency switch intalled
11. Perfect cable arrangement with aluminium alloy cable boxes.
12. SIEMENS control apparatus 20. NSK bearing

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