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Who is the big contributor to the cookie-forming process?

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Who is the big contributor to the cookie-forming process?

Hard biscuits are very popular with consumers because they are low in calories, fat, and sugar. As a rule, the recipe for different types of biscuits varies and therefore the required equipment parameters are not the same. Our company can provide different hard biscuit lines with different production efficiency and configurations according to the customer's needs. In addition to biscuit lines, we can also supply Laminator according to your needs, so you can produce various types of biscuits, and Laminator is an indispensable part of the hard biscuit forming section.

Here is the content list:

  • Our Laminator's working range

  • You can choose our company's products with confidence

Our Laminator's working range

1. Laminator's lamination method: cutting lamination, lamination layer: 8-12 layers

2. Cutting method: electric, using an electric eye to track the cutting position

3. Feeding and calendering twice

4. Feeding groove roll diameter: Ø400, anti-rust, anti-adhesive, and other special treatment on the surface, surface hardness: HRC58-62

5、Roll diameter:Ø300, surface anti-rust and anti-adhesive special treatment, surface hardness: HRC58-62

6、Rolling width:600, Laminating width:950mm(1150mm), Surface thickness electric adjustment

7、Appearance size:3350X1650X2300(3550X1650X2300),Weight:6T(6.5T)

Power: 10KW

8、The side plate of the Laminator is made of Q235 carbon steel, the thickness is 28mm after processing, the surface is hard chromium plated, and the surface hardness is HRC58-62

9、The conveyor plate is made of Q235 carbon steel, the thickness is 15mm after processing, the surface is hard chrome plated, and the hardness is HRC58-62

10. The pallet is made of 304 stainless steel.

11、Roller and conveyor belt are controlled by an independent motor and are easy to adjust

12、Conveyor drive roller diameter Ø160, the surface is covered with plastic, plastic is non-toxic oil-resistant material

13. The conveyor belt is made of a PU belt imported from Europe, with a thickness of 1.3mm.

14. The conveyor belt is pneumatically tensioned, with an anti-deflection guide bar to prevent deflection, and the air cylinder is made by a Korean famous brand.

15. The scraper adopts a 2mm thick blade, which has the feature of cleaning up without hurting the roller

16. The outer shell is made of 1.5mm 304 stainless steel.

17. The surface of the roller and transition knife is hard chromium-plated.

18. Transition mode: roller flat transition

19. the Main transmission adopts chain transmission

20. No sanitary dead-end structure design, safety, and health

21. Emergency stop switch and other safety protection devices are installed

22. SEW/Siemens main motor and speed reducer, variable frequency speed control

23. Roll seam is detected by displacement sensor, precise digital display, speed and thickness touch screen control.

24. The line layout is neat and beautiful, and the line groove is made of aluminum alloy (when equipped with a production line)

25. Control electric appliances are mainly adopted from French brands.

26. The bearing is made by a Japanese brand.

You can choose our company's products with confidence

In 2014, SINOBAKE participated in interpack, the world's largest packaging exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany. 100 square meters of the SINOBAKE booth, exhibiting the latest machines, became the largest exclusive exhibitor in China, showing the company's confidence in our products, Showcasing our strength in the hard biscuit forming section. We have received recognition from our customers. In 2016, SINOBAKE cooperated with China's largest bakery factory, Daley Group, and became the largest supplier of bakery equipment for Daley Group. After that, we have been recognized by well-known brands in the baking industry, such as Orion, Kang Shi Fu, Khongguan, HWA TAI, etc., and provided equipment for them

Our company has developed a wide range of Laminators which are tested extensively before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These Laminatorsare durable. If you want to buy Laminator, you can consider our cost-effective products. Our company website is https://www.sinobake.net/, please feel free to inquire about us!

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