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Automatic automatic biscuit machine for sale

  • HJ1800


  • 8438100090

Product Description

  For such biscuits we recommend rotary moulder machine that is suitable for the production of soft biscuit dough, shortbread, and pet biscuits. It is a multifunctional machine that allows for  high levels of products output while maintaining perfect weight  and outward appearance. During moulding process, the dough is get into forming roller moulds in the form of any shape that can be completed with patterns and company logo.

soft biscuit1soft biscuit line

Technical Parameters:

1. Working width: 1800mm,

2. Die diameter: Ø300mm, the roll body is made of 45 high-quality carbon steel, and the length of the roll body is 1840mm

3. Rubber roller diameter: Ø300mm, rubber coating thickness 20mm, rubber material is non-toxic and oil-resistant material,

The hardness is about 75° Shore hardness;

4. The diameter of the conveying driving roller: Ø215mm, the surface is coated with rubber, and the rubber material is non-toxic and oil-resistant material.


1. This machine is used for forming high-fat crisp biscuits and peach cakes; the dough is formed on the roller die,

And fall off to the canvas belt to be transported to the next machine

2. The mould, feeding roller and conveyor belt are controlled by independent motors, easy to adjust

3. The scraper is manually adjusted using a cam

4. The main transmission adopts gear transmission

5. The mold pressure is controlled by the air bag, and the gap is controlled by the touch screen, so the pressure control is more precise.

★Available formula for each customer

★Design fully automatic/semi-automatic according to your budget

★According to customer factory room space design layout

★Provide customized shapes for different biscuit molds


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Company Profile
Our users are distributed in more than 60 countries. No matter for turn key biscuit production project or single machine, we are confidence to fullfill the requirement of customers.

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