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Fully automatic cookie production line which is for producing cookie
Has the character of stable and constand output. Capacity can be customized which range from 100kg-700kg/hour.
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This machine is mainly used for the forming of high-fat cookies and cakes.
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Direct Heating Oven

Directly Oven is suitation for cracker, hard biscuit baking. 
More model and details please contact us.
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Direct Gas Fired Oven                  



 it is the baking equipment of the biscuit line, baking biscuit by burning the fuel directly, making biscuit with fine color and flavour.



1. Adopt direct combustion heating method

2. Zoning: Generally divided into 2-4 zones according to the length of the furnace body, each zone is automatically temperature controlled, and the temperature is displayed in digital

3. The maximum output power of a single burning rod is greater than 12  KW. Theoretical weight: 700  (kg/m)

4. Arrangement of burning rods: the upper fire distance is generally 750mm, and the lower fire distance is generally 500mm.

5. Partial fire control: a certain number of three-stage fire rods are set for the upper and lower fires to adjust the flames on both sides

6. Fuel type: natural gas (NG)

7. Required natural gas pressure: 0.1MPa±0.05MPa

8. The consumption of natural gas varies with different biscuit production processes, generally 40-60 cubic meters per ton of biscuit

9. Oven chamber material: Aluminized plate, thickness 2.3mm

10. Outer enclosure stainless steel (304)

11. Thermal insulation materials: rock wool, aluminum silicate and other materials, excellent thermal insulation and flame retardancy, the temperature outside the furnace does not differ from the indoor temperature by more than 10 ℃

12. Adopt no sanitary dead angle structure design, safe and sanitary

13. Install emergency stop switch, automatic alarm and other safety protection devices

14. The line layout is neat and beautiful, and the wire trough uses aluminum alloy

15. Control appliances mainly use French brands: Schneider

16. Bearings use Japanese brand: NSK

17. The exhaust fan selects domestic famous brands, and the fan motor supplies trademarks.

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