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Horizontal dough mixer(250KG)

  • HMS250

Horizontal dough mixer (250KG)              HMS250


Horizontal dough mixer is used for dough processing. After mixing, sheeting and overlapping, dough’s surface would be smooth, flexible and extensible. This type of mixer is suitable for both soft and hard biscuit dough.


1. Mixing volume: 250 kg of dough/time, mixing bucket capacity is 450 liters

2. Working speed: frequency conversion speed regulation 20~40r/min

3. Dimensions (L*W*H): 1900*970*1900

4. Theoretical weight: 2.0T

5. Power requirements: determined according to customer needs (generally 380V/50Hz)

6. Main motor power: 22KW

7. Feeding motor power: 0.75KW

8. The side plate is made of Q235# carbon steel, and the surface is chrome-plated

9. The mixing barrel, mixing shaft and mixing slurry are all made of stainless steel

10. Outer cover SUS304 stainless steel

11. Bearings use Japanese brand: NSK

12. The motor and reducer use German brand: SEW

13. Control electrical appliances mainly use French brands: Schneider

14. Blade form: horizontal single paddle

15. Mixing bucket type: U-shaped, fixed bucket cover, bilateral flip

16. Feeding method: electric

17.PLC control, touch screen operation

18. It adopts the structure design without sanitary dead angle, which is safe and hygienic

19. Install emergency stop switch, automatic alarm and other safety protection devices

20. The circuit layout is neat and beautiful

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