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Something about our soft and hard biscuit production line

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Something about our soft and hard biscuit production line

The main raw material of biscuits is wheat flour and then add sugar, fat, egg, dairy, and other auxiliary ingredients. Depending on the recipe and production process, sweet biscuits can be divided into two categories: hard biscuits and soft biscuits. A hard biscuit is characterized by a concave mold shape and a pinhole surface. The surface of the product is flat and smooth, and the cross-sectional structure is layered, with a crunchy feeling when chewed, chewy and crunchy as its unique characteristics. The sugar and fat ratio of tough biscuits is lower than that of crispy biscuits. Generally, the amount of sugar used is less than 30%, and the amount of oil used is less than 20%. Shortbread biscuits are characterized by a convex mold shape, obvious patterns, and fine structure, 14% to 30% of the amount of flour. For some sweet and sparse special products, the amount of oil can be as high as 50% or so. To produce delicious and healthy biscuits, a complete and reliable Cracker Biscuit Production Line is essential, here is an introduction to our Cracker Biscuit Production Line.

Here is the content list:

  • Product Configuration of our Cracker Biscuit Production Line

  • Application of food flavor in biscuits

Product Configuration of our Cracker Biscuit Production Line.

1. SEW 1 SIEMENS main AC motor and gearbox

2. NSK's industrial bearings

3. YSC's air cylinder

4. Schneider electrical unit 1 SIEMENS

5. 12 months warranty

6. After-sales service of Cracker Biscuit Production Line: Lifetime

Cracker Biscuit Production Line includes:

1. Mixing machine: horizontal mixer 150kg/250kg/350kg; vertical mixer 500L

2. Automatic dough tilting and feeding system with different angle locking device

3. Sheeting machine

4. Measuring roller X 3 sets

5. Hard biscuit-forming rotary cutter

6. Waste collection and return system

7. Rotary molder

8. Tunnel ovens: convection oven; direct gas heating oven; constant temperature oven; mixing oven, electric oven

9. Tilting machine 180° or 90° tilting conveyor 1 according to customer's workshop size

10. Cooling conveyor

11. Star wheel stacker or penny stacker

12. packaging table

Application of food flavor in biscuits

Among bakery products, biscuits are the most widely used flavoring species, although it is not as widely used as in beverages and confectionery, edible flavoring is one of the important additives and flavoring agents. The purpose of adding flavoring to the Cracker Biscuit Production Line is:

1. To cover up the bad odor of some raw materials.

2. To enhance the aroma of the cookie and increase the appetite of people.

Since the biscuits are subjected to a high surface temperature of 180-200°C during the baking process in the Cracker Biscuit Production Line, the flavor must be oil soluble and resistant to high temperatures. Emulsified and powdered flavors are not commonly used in biscuits. The flavoring of sandwich biscuits does not need to withstand high temperatures, but it is required to be water and oil-soluble. The amount of flavoring added to the cookie is generally 0.1 to 0.3%. The sweetness of the higher cookie, the amount of flavoring is generally lower, because of the large amount of sugar, and oil, after baking, the flavor itself is easy to come out; while the lower sweetness of the cookie, chewy, needs to increase the amount of flavoring.

Our company has developed a wide range of Cracker Biscuit Production Lines which are tested extensively before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These Cracker Biscuit Production Lines are durable. You can consider our cost-effective products if you want to buy Cracker Biscuit Production Lines. Our company website is https://www.sinobake.net/, please feel free to inquire about us!

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