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This machine is mainly used for the forming of high-fat cookies and cakes.
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Three Rolls Sheeter

Designed for feeding and primary sheeting hard biscuit dough.
More models and details please contact us.
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three rolls sheeter


1. Feeding trough roll diameter: Ø300, the surface is treated with special anti-rust and anti-staining, surface hardness: HRC58-62

2. Diameter of the lower roller: Ø300, the surface is treated with special anti-rust and anti-staining, surface hardness: HRC58-62

3. Working width: 950mm (1150mm), electric adjustment of the thickness of the dough

4. Dimensions: 1100X2120X1800 (1100X2320X1800)

5. The side plate is made of Q235 carbon steel material, and the thickness after processing is 28mm, The surface is plated with hard chrome, the surface hardness is HRC58-62

6. The conveyor frame plate uses Q235 carbon steel material, the thickness after processing is 15mm, The surface is plated with hard chrome, the hardness is HRC58-62

7. The pallet uses 304 stainless steel

8. The roller and the conveyor belt are controlled by independent motors, which is easy to adjust

9. Conveying active roller diameter: Ø160,the surface is covered with rubber, rubber material is non-toxic and oil-resistant material

10. The conveyor belt uses European imported PU belt with a thickness of 1.3mm,

11. The conveyor belt is pneumatically tensioned and the anti-deflection guide is used to prevent deviation, and the cylinder is made of Korean famous brand;

12. The scraper uses a 2mm thick blade, which has the characteristics of cleaning and not hurting the roll

13. The enclosure is made of 1.5mm304 stainless steel, and the front and rear enclosures use pneumatic support rods

14. The surface of roller, transition knife, etc. are plated with hard chrome

15. Transition mode: roller flat transition

16. The main drive adopts chain drive

17. Adopt no sanitary dead angle structure design, safe and sanitary

18. Install emergency stop switches and other safety protection devices

19. Europe brand for main motor and reducer, frequency conversion speed regulation

20. Roll gap is detected by displacement sensor, accurate digital display, speed and thickness touch screen control

21. The line layout is neat and beautiful, and the wire trough uses aluminum alloy (when equipped with a production line)

22. Control appliances mainly use French brands

23. Bearings use Japanese brand

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